Emission Factors

 t CO2/TJ
g CO2/kWh
Liquid Fuels  
Motor Spirit (Gasoline)70.0251.9
Jet Kerosene71.4257.0
Other Kerosene71.4257.0
Gas/Diesel Oil73.3263.9
Residual Oil76.0273.6
Petroleum Coke92.9334.5
Solid Fuels and Derivatives  
Coal94.6340. 6
Milled Peat116.7420.0
Sod Peat104.0374.4
Peat Briquettes98.9355.9
Natural Gas56.9204.7
Electricity (2015)129.9467.5

For electricity emission factors 1990-2015, click here.

Note: CO2 emission factors for electricity vary from year to year depending on the fuel mix used in power generation.

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