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Where can I get information or statistics on SEAI run grant schemes?

SEAI scheme contact information

Query TypePhone NumberEmailFurther Information
General Consumer
Lo-call 1850 376 666info@seai.ie 
Building Energy Rating (BER)
Lo-call 1890 734 237info@ber.seai.iewww.seai.ie/ber
Better Energy Homes scheme
Lo-call 1850 927 000info@betterenergyhomes.iewww.seai.ie/betterenergyhomes

The energy statistics office is responsible for national energy statistics. We do not have metadata on individual SEAI grant schemes. Please contact the scheme administration directly.

Link to Better Energy Homes Scheme Statistics

Link to Building Energy Rating Statistics

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Where can I get emissions statistics?  What’s Ireland progress towards meeting greenhouse gas emissions targets?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland only publishes estimates of energy-related CO2 emissions. The EPA  publish the total emissions inventory needs to include all green-house gases and emission sources i.e. emissions from agriculture and industry process emissions as well as energy related emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has overall responsibility for the national greenhouse gas inventory in Ireland’s national system established in 2007 under Article 5 of the Kyoto Protocol.

The EPA Office of Climate Licensing and Resource Use performs the role of inventory agency in Ireland and undertakes all aspects of inventory preparation and management and the submission of results to meet UNFCCC and EU reporting requirements. In addition to complying with the UNFCCC reporting guidelines, the 2009 NIR is intended to inform Irish Government departments and institutions involved in the national system, as well as other stakeholders in Ireland, of the level of emissions and the state-of-the-art of Irish greenhouse gas inventories as they address the challenges to comply with Ireland’s commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. The in-depth analysis of key sources and the up-to-date trend data provides useful support for the implementation of the Government’s strategy to limit the increase in emissions in some key sectors.

Please contact the Environmental Protection Agency www.epa.ie.

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Where can I get financial estimates on energy costs and energy spend?

Energy Costs

A fuel cost sheet is updated every quarter. The costs are based on the scheduled costs as of the 1st day of every quarter. The results are published on the 1st day of the second month every quarter.

EPSSU also produce a bi-annual publication on Electricity and Gas Prices.

Data collected for the IEA energy prices and taxes survey is discussed in the annual Energy in Ireland publication.

Energy Spend

The energy policy statistical support unit (EPSSU) do not publish financial estimates due to the inherent inability to estimate all energy cost/spend. Fuel prices vary with time and volumes so it is very difficult to monitor accurately energy spend. Tax takes give estimations of volumes only not prices or spend. 

We would be happy to oblige in further discussion on this topic but will not publish official energy spend estimates.

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Does your data include Northern Ireland?

No. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland is only responsible for energy statistics in the Republic of Ireland.  Energy statistics for Northern Ireland are compiled by the UK Department o f Energy and Climate Change (DECC).


Here is a link to the remit of EPSSU.

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I am researching for a school/college project – can you help?

The most effective method of dissemination for the EPSSU is through our suite of publications.  Prior to contacting the office we would greatly appreciate if you check whether your specific question can be answered by reading the relevant publication from EPSSU or if the information is available from the databank.  Most queries can be answered by reading the relevant publications:

List of EPSSU Publications

Source data for our publication are available to download and save from the databank in tabular or graphical format

Click here for instructions on how to download data from the databank.

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