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This is the first of 5 pillars of excellent energy management in the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP).
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Commitment to energy management is vital to its success. When senior management commits to the process then you can make formal plans and secure the correct resources. Without this support there is a risk that any actions you take will be less effective.

You need a formal policy to make this commitment clear to staff at all levels and explain to them how they are involved. This pillar covers the essential steps in assigning the key roles. It also gives guidance for creating a policy that will suit your specific aims and needs.

To complete this pillar you must take a number of steps...

Step 1: Obtain Senior Management Commitment

Step 2: Appoint senior manager sponsor

Step 3: Appoint Energy Management Co-ordinator

Step 4: Establish an Energy Management team

Step 5: Establish an Energy Policy

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