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Step 3: Appoint Energy Management Co-ordinator

This is the third of 20 steps in the in the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP).
Learn about Energy MAP and what it can do for your business.

What to do and how to do it

Full-time or part-time

Decide if you need a full-time or part-time Energy Co-ordinator. For energy bills of over €1.25 million it is recommended to have a full-time position. If part-time, then identify the role and person who best fits the Energy Co-ordinator job.

Specification and short list

Develop a short job specification and draw up a short list of candidates. If there is no suitable internal person, then you may have to advertise for the job.


 Choose someone with the necessary qualities. The Energy Co-ordinator will be a multi-skilled person and have:

  • an interest in Energy Management;
  • organisational, management and communication skills;
  • technical knowledge;
  • the ability to motivate others and him/herself!


Make the appointment formal through a letter of appointment or similar. As a management function, the job needs to have defined roles and responsibilities.

See the chapter on ‘Appointing an energy manager/co-ordinator’ in Setting up an energy management programme for further advice.

Tip: take advantage of links between energy and other programmes such as environment. If there is a suitable person with related duties then try combining the roles. But make sure that the Energy MAP has the necessary level of importance.

Tip: if energy does not clearly fall within anyone's existing skill set then choose someone with a personal interest in energy and who is willing to learn.

Tip: once appointed, don't leave everything to the Energy Co-ordinator - it still has to be a team effort.

Tip: integrate the role into the general management structure.

Possible problems and how to deal with them

Other duties

Other duties will restrict the time and effort that a part time Energy Coordinator can apply to the Energy MAP. Make sure that this is recognised as a formal role; agree the time to be allocated.


Organisation managers and staff will have priorities other than energy. Make sure that the senior manager for the Energy MAP provides the necessary backing to the Energy Coordinator to enable them to do their job.


If the Co-ordinator lacks certain skills then you can always provide training. Step 16 provides further guidance on training key personnel.

How long does it take to complete this step?

Unless you are recruiting a new employee, the initial appointment can happen within days.

How do I know when I have completed this step?

You have completed this Step when the Energy Co-ordinator has been appointed through a formal letter of appointment and has a written job description with defined roles and responsibilities.

What do I do next?

It's now time to create an Energy Management team to help implement Energy MAP.

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