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Standby Power Energy Facts

  • Households in Ireland now spend around 10% of their electricity bill on standby power. 
  • If all households avoided stand-by consumption on their audio-visual and IT equipment, we could save about 120 million kWh per year collectively or the annual consumption of more than 24,000 households.
  • TVs, VCRs and DVDs can use up to 85% of their energy when on standby. 
  • Turn televisions and videos etc. fully to ‘OFF’ rather than leaving them on ‘STANDBY’.
    1.  Leaving on a typical television set for one hour uses the same amount of energy to boil one full kettle. 
    2.  Leaving your phone charger plugged in while not in use for one week consumes enough energy to boil one full kettle/to cook one microwave meal/make 4 slices of toast.

In the office - Maintain Equipment – report leaks, malfunctions and breakages

  • Well maintained equipment runs much more efficiently, reducing energy costs and extending the life of the equipment.
  • Perform routine and regular maintenance on mechanical equipment and your building. Inspect and patch leaks, clean or replace air filters, check fan belts, lubricate motors, pumps and fans, clean condenser coils, and make sure refrigeration seals are airtight. 

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