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Poster Template

How to use it

  1. Download any of the poster templates onto your own system.
  2. Delete image with text ‘Remove this and put your own logo here’
  3. Insert your company or other relevant logo in the appropriate position by dragging and dropping or by cutting and pasting. Resize your logo to fit.
  4. Edit the text in main part of poster (where available) to suit your own situation by clicking into text box and deleting sample text. 
  5. Print in portrait to the appropriate size (Posters are available in A3 & A4)

Newsletter and PowerPoint templates are also available in similar designs. Use these to complement your posters. 

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These templates together with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and Power of One logos may be used only as part of an energy awareness campaign within your company. Please ensure that the information presented in these templates is factually correct. SEAI is not responsible for the information presented in these templates. The templates may not be used to advertise or promote any commericial product or service. The SEAI logo may not be used for any other purpose without prior permission from SEAI.

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