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Stage 1: Commit

Support from senior management is crucial to the success of any energy awareness programme and should be visible to all staff in your organisation. The lack of management support for awareness campaigns is one of the main reasons why they fail. So you need to secure management support and resources from the start.

If management are not motivated for a campaign, nobody else will be!
  • Get management support for your campaign
  • Secure time, money and resources for your programme
  • Present a ‘business case’ to management to gain support for the programme.
  • Make sure you have a direct line to management to maintain support and report back on progress.
  • Publicise your energy policy or draw one up if you haven’t done so.
  • Set up an energy awareness campaign team.
  • Get a member of the management team to act as ‘Champion’ for the campaign and join the Energy Awareness Team.
  • Spend 1% to 2% of your total annual utility bill on your awareness programme.

Why do it

When management are involved in initiating and supporting a campaign, the necessary resources are more likely to be allocated and people are more likely to become involved. Energy awareness can be time and resource intensive, so without management support, direction and an understanding of the issue, it can be nearly impossible to implement. If staff believe that management are not behind the campaign, they will be less motivated to save energy.

Resources for this stage

Use these resources to help you gain management commitment

Presenting the case Letter/email from the CEO announcing the campaignBudget templateImages for use in the presentationsSetting up an energy awareness team
Preparing the caseLetter/email from the CEO Budget templateImages for use in the presentationsLaunch Event
Readymade presentations to management on the case for running a campaign. More...A message from CEO or equivalent, announcing the campaign, and asking everyone to take part. More... A template for setting your campaign budget. Simply input your own figures. More...A selection of themed images you can use in presentations. More...See how to get a team together. More...


 Get management to publicly declare their commitment to the energy campaign through an event or by sending a personal letter to all staff announcing the campaign.


Other Resources 


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