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Setting up an Energy Awareness Team

You won’t be able to do everything yourself, so you will need to get help from others. Ideally, everybody in your organisation should be involved in saving energy, but the size of your core team depends on the size of your organisation. The core of the team could be the energy co-ordinator, assisted by named others on specific tasks. You also need management approval to ensure that people are allocated time to carry out their tasks. If there are a number of departments, you should set up a cross-sectoral Energy Awareness Team. You may have already set up an Energy Team as part of your Energy Management Programme and members are likely to be interested in working on the energy awareness campaign as well. You may, however, want to develop this team more to take account of sections of your organisation that have not been previously involved in order to ensure all areas of your company are fully represented.

Make sure that you assign specific roles, responsibilities and tasks to team members, within defined timelines.

1. Who to involve?

Any energy awareness team should contain key staff members from your organisation. These key staff members should ideally have an interest in the area and also represent different sections of the organisation.

The organisation’s energy awareness team may contain representatives such as:

  • An ‘Energy Champion’ from top management.
  • Buildings / facilities management.
  • Each department/section (administration, operations etc.)
  • Maintenance and cleaners.
  • PR or marketing, human resources, finance.
  • Volunteers from various sections.

If some of the above activities are outsourced to contractors, it is still important that they are included.

If you are a large organisation, you may consider setting up ‘Green Teams’ in key buildings or services, or ask for volunteers to represent the building / service on energy and environmental issues.

2. Role of the Energy Team

The role of the energy team is to implement the energy awareness campaign. If local ‘Green Teams’ or volunteers are involved, then they should represent their building / service on energy and environmental issues, and help implement the campaign.

The Energy Team’s activities should include:

  • Planning
  • Implementing (promotion, events, etc.) and getting people to act on energy waste
  • Communicating results and providing feedback and updates
  • Identifying opportunities and improvements
  • Training (where appropriate)
  • Recognising the contributions and achievements of other people

The talents, experience, and previous training of those involved in the group should be taken into account and tasks assigned as appropriate.

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