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Stage 2: Identify

In order to develop realistic objectives and plans you must know your current situation.  Establish where you are now, in terms of the level of energy awareness within your organisation. Use this to help develop your campaign and establish a baseline against which you can measure the success of your programme.

You should address the following issues:

Remember! Don't assume...Assess!
  • Identify the current level of energy awareness in your organisation and how motivated are people to save.
  • Use a staff survey, meetings, walkrounds or informal discussion to identify awareness levels or audits to identify the level of energy waste, e.g. equipment left on unnecessarily.
  • Identify your biggest energy users (and wasters!) and those who control the energy usage.
  • Summarise the opportunities for saving energy and who should implement them.
  • Use the information to decide on your target audience.
  • Determine what communication methods already exist and what other routes you need to use.

Why do it

By assessing and establishing the level of awareness and knowledge on energy efficiency amongst staff you can determine how motivated they will be to participate in an energy awareness programme and the gaps in people’s knowledge on energy saving. This information is vital to help you develop your energy awareness plan.

The information can also be used as an indicator for the success of your energy management programme. By establishing the baseline awareness and the energy usage of the organisation, it will be possible to keep track of how far your organisation has progressed over time and which areas need to be improved upon.

Resources for this stage

Use these resources to help you identify your current situation

Energy Awareness DiagnosticEnergy Awareness QuestionnaireSignificant Energy UsersEnergy Waste WalkaroundTarget Audience Matrix
Diagnostic iconPenguin survey imagespreadsheet iconPenguin walk around imageEdit symbol
Provides an instant overview of your level of performance on energy awareness. More...A questionnaire to help you identify the level of staff awareness and motivation on energy issues. More...A spreadsheet tool to help you identify and compare your significant energy users. More...Walkround checklist to identify the energy waste resulting from people's behaviour in the workplace. More...A simple matrix to help identify the possible different groups that control and influence energy usage. More...
 Increase the response rate for survey questionnaires by offering a prize, and select a winner(s) drawn from a hat, of those who returned the questionnaire. This will also help increase awareness of the programme.

Other Resources 


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