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Stage 2: Identify - Assessing awareness and Waste

A. Awareness Assessments

1. Self Assessment

Make your own assessment of what levels of awareness exist, what motivators are required for improvement, and how energy awareness can be integrated within your overall energy management programme. A self assessment diagnostic tool has been prepared for this purpose.

Energy awareness diagnostic questionnaire

2. Level of staff awareness and motivation

You can assess staff awareness and motivation either by informally asking your staff for their opinions or, more formally, through a survey. At this stage you should also identify what communication methods work best with your staff.

To aid you in this process, a questionnaire has been developed, which can be used to assess awareness and motivation of your staff. You can adapt this to suit your own company and include your logo and questions that are more specific to your organisation.

Energy awareness questionnaire

3. Identify what motivates people

Try to identify the issues that might motivate people to save energy. Motivational factors may differ for each organisation, however, people will often be motivated by one or more of the following: environmental issues, financial savings, home energy saving, recognition within the organisation, amongst others.

Another important factor is that people may be motivated simply by being part of a group initiative, and will not want to be left out. Therefore by developing activities where all can participate, most people will want to take part, e.g. competitions, awards etc. Such action is underpinned by the concept of the ‘social norm’, i.e. if most people are already saving energy – then this also encourages others to save. In other words, the social norm is that people are already saving energy, and this can spur others to follow suit. It is important to be aware of this as you develop your awareness programme.

B. Energy use and waste assessments

1. Equipment surveys

Carry out simple energy waste walkround at the beginning of your programme to see what equipment is being left on unnecessarily, e.g. lights, computers, office equipment, machinery etc. Often the best time to conduct the audits is after people have left the building for the day. Over lunchtime may also be an appropriate time, and for lighting, any time when daylight is sufficient and lights should be off.

Use the spreadsheet to record the number of items of equipment left on unnecessarily. Carry out the audit at different times during the programme and provide feedback to people on progress and any achievements made.

Energy waste walkround

2. Identify Your Significant Users

It is important that your energy awareness campaign targets areas where energy use is significant. If you are involved in a wider energy management programme, you will already have identified your significant users. At this stage examine what those are in order to build them into your Energy Awareness Campaign. If you have not already identified your significant energy users go to Step 8 of Energy MAP which gives advice in carrying out this exercise.

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