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Topic planner: Transport


This topic helps you….. “promote sustainable methods of transport”

The message here should be about encouraging sustainable travel to work. Provide people with information on alternative transport to work (where appropriate), the fuel they use and what the company is doing in its own transport. Raise awareness of what people can do, and what the organisation is doing to facilitate and implement changes.

Follow the links below for resources and develop a travel plan for your organisation or simply provide information to staff on sustainable travel alternatives.



Power of one

The Getting Around pages of the power of one website offers travel and driving tips as well an online tool for seeing how environmentally friendly your car is.

Smarter Travel Workplaces

The Smarter Travel Workplaces campaign encourages people to think about using other ways of getting around when they can: walking, cycling or public transport.

The campaign offers a range of tips, advice, tools, resources, incentives and strategic advice. See the Resources page for downloadable travel plans, posters, ideas, maps and competitions. The Travel Cost Calculator calculates fuel and carbon costs of any journey and the calories that could be burnt by walking or cycling instead.

Bike Scheme

The government’s Cycle to Work Scheme encourages people to cycle to work by offering purchasing and tax incentives for the cost of a new bike and accessories.


Change is a major government awareness programme on climate change. The Change website has information of the issue of sustainable travel in its In your travel choices pages.

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