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Stage 4: Take Action

You are now in a position to start implementing your programme. Make sure that everybody is on board, including senior management and any other key people. Start preparing your awareness materials and other actions and organise the campaign launch.

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult.

JW von Goethe
  • Prepare your awareness materials and activities.
  • Prepare for your campaign launch.
  • Reconfirm senior management backing; resources; team roles; responsibilities; and timetable.
  • Launch your programme.
  • Distribute awareness information in accordance with your timeline using the channels of communication you have identified.
  • Roll out activities such as competitions, incentive schemes, training etc., according to your timeline.
  • Provide a contact for queries, suggestions, feedback etc.
  • Hold regular meetings with your team to keep everyone informed and up to date with what’s going on.

It is also important that you have some “quick wins” at the beginning of your campaign. You need to show people that progress is being made on energy savings. This will give your campaign a boost and demonstrate success to the people who are responding and taking action as part of the campaign. Early wins from quickly achieved results will push your campaign forwards.

If possible monitor and record your energy consumption and feedback results to people regularly.

Resources for this stage

Use these resources to help you plan your campaign:

PresentationsLaunch EventPostersNewsletterEmails
Preparing the caseLaunch EventEnergy awareness posterNewsletter templateEmail sample
Presentations to staff and senior management.
Guide on how to run an energy awareness day.
Customisable awareness posters.
Template for developing an energy newsletter.
Ready-made e-mails with energy saving messages, for sending to employees. More...
  • Get senior management to show their commitment by publicly backing the campaign during the launch event.
  • Make sure that people know what to do to save energy! Also, any doubts should be eliminated, e.g. about whether to switch off equipment.
  • Awareness programs are more effective when linked to changes that people can see. If there are any technical energy saving projects planned, consider starting your awareness programme at the same time and provide feedback on the success during the process.
  • Don’t run your campaign during times of difficulties, e.g. redundancies, as it may be difficult to get people motivated.


Other Resources 
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