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Stage 4: Take Action - Prepare Materials and Activities

Implementing your awareness programme will need commitment, enthusiasm and certain degree of creativity. How you implement your programme is up to you. You will have already identified the messages, routes and media for your materials and activities, and it is now a question of producing these.

Communication routes and materials

You will have used the online Communication tools list to select awareness materials and activities that are appropriate to your target audience, your organisation, the messages you wish to convey and your budget.

Consider any existing communication routes within your organisation. Can any of these be used in your campaign? e.g. internal mail, notice boards, team meetings, existing training, intranet, etc.

You may wish to use the Campaign resources from this website or from other sources. Ideally, use colour materials, but do not produce elaborate glossy materials, as you could be accused of wasting resources – the opposite of what you are trying to achieve.

Activities for getting people involved

Remember that most people will be willing to participate in the campaign and save energy. You just need to make sure that they know how and also provide them with feedback on the progress and achievements made. See the section on Communication tools, for examples of ways in which you can get people to participate in the campaign. These include: Pledges, Suggestion schemes, Quizzes, Competitions, Plant room tours etc.

Provide people with information on saving energy at home. This could be simple ways to save energy or information on government grants or assistance on energy saving equipment. In this way you can help them to save on their energy bills and get them interested in energy saving in general, with the aim of having this rub-off on their work practices. See the SEAI Power of One website. Free literature is also available.

Transport to work or at home is another theme that you could incorporate into your information. Activities such as car-sharing, cycling and other more sustainable means of transport may be of interest to people. See the Transport page in the Topic planner for further information and links on transport.

An image and name for your campaign

It is best if you create an image or logo for your energy awareness programme, and also a name. In this way all promotional material is instantly recognisable as part of the campaign. Make sure that the image is in keeping with the image of the company as a whole; it may incorporate your company logo, colours and style.

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