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Stage 5: Review and Maintain - Maintain the Momentum

In the long term energy efficiency should become an automatic concern of everybody in your organization. To achieve this, energy saving should be made part of the culture and the energy saving message communicated at regular intervals without becoming repetitive.

The following measures for integrating energy efficiency into the culture of the organisation may generally be carried out after you have run a major energy saving campaign. Some may be included as part of your campaign.

Training and meetings

  • Deliver induction training for new employees on energy awareness.
  • Provide further training on energy at appropriate intervals for all staff. Try to combine this with
  • Include energy and environment issues in staff meetings.

Recognition and rewards

  • Establish a monthly award scheme for sustainable actions in the workplace.
  • Recruit volunteers to act as ‘Green Champions’ in the workplace, and set up ‘Green teams’.
  • Run a suggestion scheme for people to offer ideas on saving energy. Recognise people’s contribution and reward the best ideas.

Personnel/Human resources policy

  • Include energy efficiency in job descriptions, so that energy awareness becomes a responsibility for all staff.
  • Build energy efficient practices into work procedures.
  • Incorporate energy efficiency or sustainability into staff performance appraisals.
  • Consider including criteria on sustainability issues into the process for recruiting staff.

(Note that energy efficiency may be included under a broader ‘sustainability requirement’ in personnel/human resources policies and procedures)

Communication routes and activities

  • If you have a staff newsletter, include a regular section on energy issues.
  • Regularly inform people of products, actions, programmes, grants, offers etc. for saving energy at home.
  • Keep people involved by continuing to hold competitions at regular intervals that have proved successful.
  • Replace displays, posters, stickers etc. Do not leave awareness materials continuously displayed after they have passed their “sell by” date.
  • Have a focus on energy one day a month. For example one company runs a “Save-a-Watt Wednesday” on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Run an ‘energy week’ each year.
  • Run a new energy saving campaign every year or two.
  • Give regular feedback on energy consumption and the amount of energy saved, for example through an energy noticeboard, regular printouts, emails, newsletters or intranet websites.
  • If you are planning any technical energy saving projects, make sure that you inform people and let them know about the progress and savings of the project.

Donate a proportion of energy savings to charities or “good causes” nominated by staff. Visit the Donate Your Energy scheme.

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