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Running an Energy Awareness Campaign

This is part of the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP)
Learn about Energy MAP and what it can do for your business.

Circle Diagram - Commit, Identify, Plan, Take Action, ReviewThe steps you need to take to implement an effective energy awareness campaign are a mirror image of the five pillars of Energy MAP and can be applied in much the same way.

Stage 1: Commit

The overall success of such a campaign depends on the co-operation and involvement of everyone within an organisation including senior and middle management. This commitment is essential to driving an energy awareness campaign and showing staff that they are serious about making the campaign a success.

Stage 2: Identify

The identify stage is where you find out the level of energy awareness that employees currently have, what will encourage them to change behaviour and if they will get involved. It is also the stage where you will identify your message and audience.

Stage 3: Plan

Once you have assessed awareness and motivation, identified your  audience and your messages it is time to start planning your programme.

Stage 4: Take action

If you have planned your activities thoroughly, taking action should be fairly straightforward, however it still takes time, effort and commitment.

Stage 5: Review

Reviewing and evaluating your awareness campaign is an extremely important step. You and your team will obviously have a 'feel' for the response the campaign is getting and whether or not it is working. However it is important to objectively review and see if objectives and targets are being met.

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