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What have others been doing?

Silver Hill Foods

Measures implemented

Silver Hill Foods Energy Awareness Campaign is a company-wide initiative driven by the Environmental Department and made successful by the commitment, support and participation of Company Directors and employees at all levels. Silver Hill Foods has taken a relative indifference to energy related issues and catapulted them to the top of a list of priorities fundamental to the successful operation of their organisation. Their Energy Awareness Campaign encourages all departments to take a closer look at energy usage, to improve housekeeping routines and to take responsibility for energy usage in their own areas. Their ‘Lunchtime initiative’ saved the company a total of €5,000 per annum simply by people switching off equipment at lunchtime and during breaks. Simple actions such as keeping doors closed between hot and cold areas and repairing all air and water leaks also yielded significant savings.


The coordinated energy management programme has saved close to 10% of total annual energy costs despite production increases greater than 20% over the duration of the programme. The focus is on maximising the efficiencies of existing infrastructure. That said, senior management have displayed a great commitment to the energy programme and review and implement innovative projects whenever possible. This is evidenced through the Biofuels and wind turbine projects all currently active.

Lessons learned

People are the key to successful energy management. The Silver Hill Foods Coordinated Energy Management programme continues to harness this most valuable resource.

‘At Silver Hill, people are the key. Without individual’s commitment right throughout the organisation, our strategies and programmes would not be as successful.’ Stuart Steele, Managing Director, Silver Hill Foods

Merke Sharpe and Dohme

Measure implemented

This company’s energy awareness campaign for its 350 staff revolves around the ‘Save-A-Watt- Wednesday’ programme, when all employees are encouraged to reduce energy use in their working environment, and to focus on energy – ‘turn it off, use it wisely, take it home. Other awareness materials include a Ballydine Newsletter, a Canteen Communications Screen, and posters. Suggestions on energy saving opportunities are invited from staff as part of the programme and are collected through a dedicated Energy Matters email address.


Initial savings of close to 10% were made in 2005 when the scheme was launched and the company is on target to hit its 2008 year end goal of 25% savings.

Lessons learned

The main challenges faced at the site were keeping the messages fresh and maintaining the profile of energy. The vision of the CEO of Merck Sharp and Dohme (Ireland) is for the company to be the most competitive energy steward in the pharmaceutical industry by 2008. This can only be achieved through the full participation of the workforce. The MSD Energy Statement reflects this ambition by:
‘Ensuring that each individual is aware of his/her own impact on the energy consumption of the plant and motivated to energy conservation’.

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