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This is the second of 5 pillars of excellent energy management in the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP).
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After you have secured Commitment and the resources necessary to manage energy use, it is essential to develop an understanding of energy use and the factors that drive it. This will help focus attention and resources where the greatest impact is to be had. You will Identify, overall, what energy use is, what the main energy users are, the drivers of energy use (e.g. weather, production), and energy saving opportunities. Once you have identified the energy saving opportunities, you are ready to Plan implementation.

To complete this pillar you must complete a number of steps…

Step 6: Identify and comply with legal and other requirements

Step 7: Identify total energy consumption and develop an energy baseline

Step 8: Survey energy use & identify significant energy users

Step 9: Identify factors that influence energy use & Energy Performance Indicators (EnPI's)

Step 10: Identify opportunities for energy savings

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