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Step 8: Survey energy use and identify significant energy users

This is the eight of 20 steps in the in the Energy Management Action Programme (Energy MAP).
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This step has a number of guides associated with it. Guides provide detail and tips to help you complete this step.
Step 8 Guide 1: Energy Survey Checklist
Step 8 Guide 2: How to calculate equipment electricity use

What to do and how to do it

Survey energy use

Investigate all types of energy consumed and energy-using plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings within the facilities. This can be done through existing metering (if installed) or through estimates. Identify the different categories of plant and equipment that use energy. Typical categories are lighting, heating, pumps, compressed air etc.

One approach is to use ‘bottom-upsurveys of end-use technologies, e.g. a lighting survey. The output will be a master list of all energy using equipment on site, with their rated loads recorded. Use Step 8 Guide 1: Energy Survey Checklist for the survey

Calculate consumption

Use the Significant Energy Users tool to identify the energy consumption of all major items of plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings and their proportion of total energy use and cost – the ‘significant energy users’.

Inspect each category, e.g. pumps, and make a list of items in the category, e.g. ground floor radiator circuit pump, air handling unit pump, etc. Record and analyse their energy use and cost using the Significant Energy Users tool.

Should you need energy measurement equipment, check the list of energy measurement equipment.

You will also be able to identify potential opportunities for energy savings to feed into Step 10 Identify opportunities for energy saving.

Possible problems and how to deal with them

Lack of metering

It may not be possible to identify the energy consumption of plant and equipment due to a lack of metering. You may be able to estimate the consumption using name plate data, hours run or other estimates. However, be aware that name plate data may be imprecise. Other methods include the use of temporary or portable meters as identified in the list of energy measurement equipment.

Lack of information

Frequently there is no written description of how the building services and controls are intended to work. If you have technical knowledge, you could spend some time investigating. Alternatively, ask a technically qualified person to investigate and advise you. Ideally, a written description of operation should be produced, so the task won’t have to be repeated.

How long does it take to complete this step?

Except for large scale facilities, surveying each equipment category will generally take a professional surveyor between half a day and two days.

How do I know when I have completed this step?

You have completed this Step when you have produced:

1. an energy survey report

2. master lists of energy using plant, equipment, fixtures and fittings, identifying significant energy users and their consumption as a percentage of total energy consumption;


a documented list of the significant energy users and their consumption as a percentage of total energy consumption;

What do I do next?

Now that you have identified your significant energy users, the next step is to identify the key factors that influence energy consumption and identify Energy Performance Indicators. Once that is done you will be using this information to identify energy saving opportunities.

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