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Energy Bill tracker Tool

Who is this tool for?

Energy managers 

How to use it

This spreadsheet tool enables you to:

  1. Record your electricity, natural gas, LPG and oil consumption and costs from your bills for each month.
  2. Calculate the associated greenhouse gases (GHGs).
  3. Analyse your bills by breaking down the different cost elements in your tariff.
  4. Present the above in graphical format including breakdown between day/night, unit charges, standing charges etc.
  5. Present a summary of your total annual energy consumption, costs and GHGs.
  6. Trend Year on Year changes in consumption, costs & GHGs (by fuel type)
  7. Calculate and plot and trend Energy Performance Indicators (EPIs) for each fuel type (including electricity).
    The tool automatically plots your energy use data. Keeping this spreadsheet updated will help you keep track of the energy costs in your facility, show you how you are doing compared to last year, and identify some of your cost reduction opportunities.

The tool is available in both single-year and multi-year formats below.

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