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Whether your business uses cars, vans or trucks you can save money by reducing your energy usage in the form of fuel purchased and the miles driven by your vehicles.

Unlike a building where everybody uses the one facility, and energy usage is (usually) centrally controlled and managed, each vehicle is the hands of its driver; he or she has great influence over how it is driven and its energy usage.

EnergyMAP requires the involvement of all your employees at every level, Transport EnergyMap focuses on your drivers and their behaviours, the directions they receive from their managers, and the needs of your customers.

Rewarding Energy Savings Actions

SEAI recognises best practice in energy performance, management and design through the annual Sustainable Energy Awards. The awards focus on the individuals and groups who demonstrate a commitment to include energy management as part of their overall management structure.

Submit your company case study to SEAI by emailing details to energymap@seai.ie .

New to energy management?

See examples of how energy management can give you major savings on your bottom line.

How Energy MAP can be used to Support IS393 and/or ISO 14001.

IS393 is a national standard developed to ensure that energy management becomes integrated into organisational business structures.

Find technology specific solutions.

When you have identified specific vehicle and transport related problems such as:

  • Auxiliary power unit wastage
  • Tire pressure monitoring
  • Excessive idling

Look here to see suggested technology solutions .

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