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How to get started in energy management

If you are new to energy management, you will most likely have identified a need to decrease energy costs but you don’t know where to start.  Energy MAP will explain the best practice process in 20 easy to follow steps.  Technical knowledge, whilst an advantage, is not required.

The 20 steps are components of the five pillars of excellent energy management which will present to you, the main themes of energy efficiency which you can examine in your firm.  For the more in-depth steps, guides provide further information and also where relevant, tips to assist you achieve your goals as easily and directly as possible.

Energy management is not just about installing energy saving light bulbs, it is an all-encompassing process that should include every aspect of your company from finance, human resources and public relations to maintenance, purchasing and planning.  Energy MAP takes all of the components of energy efficiency and lends them structure and clarity so that you will be in a position to develop a comprehensive energy programme in your firm.

If you find technical wording that confuses you, just click into the Glossary where all terms used in Energy MAP are explained.

Finally, if you have any problems, queries or comments, please click into the ‘contact us’ tab and send us an email.

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