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What isTransport EnergyMAP?

Transport Energy MAP (Energy Management Action Programme) is a website created to target small and medium sized enterprises who own their commercial vehicle fleets, and/or company car fleets.

It is a practical approach to energy management including transport energy management providing a step by step structure that is easy to follow and implement.

Why should I be interested

Oil prices – the main energy source for transport - are rising, efficiencies and supplies are declining: Every litre less your transport consumes, is € 1.00 more on your bottom line.


Why act? Over the period 1990 to 2004 the energy efficiency index (ODEX) for the whole [Irish] economy decreased (which indicates an energy efficiency improvement) by 30% in Ireland compared with an improvement in energy efficiency of 10% for the EU-15. This improvement in Ireland is due, largely, to the increased efficiency in the industrial sector. Source Energy Efficiency Indicators in Europe – EU Odyssee Project.Energy Efficiency Index

So whilst business and industry has improved it energy efficiency and reduced its costs, the cost of transport has been increasing and its fuel efficiency decreasing.

The transport sector in Ireland is a significant fuel consumer. In 2005, it accounted for 33% (5,089 ktoe) of Ireland’s primary energy demand or 41% of final energy demand, consuming more than twice as much as industry
Fuel consumption by road freight increased by 264% (9% per annum) over the period 1990 to 2005 making it the mode with the highest growth rate.

Source SEAI Nov 2006

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