Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

The existing housing stock in Ireland continues to pose one of our greatest energy efficiency challenges. A considerable portion of the current building stock performs poorly when compared against a building built to the current standards. We have launched the Deep Retrofit Pilot programme to tackle this challenge.


What is Deep Retrofit?

Deep retrofit is the significant upgrade of a building toward nearly zero energy requirements where it is practically feasible and achievable. Rather than upgrading isolated parts of the house, the whole home should be assessed as a system, looking at how energy is used and retained. All aspects of the building fabric, air tightness, ventilation and renewables should be assessed.


SEAI's Deep Retrofit Pilot Programme

SEAI are commencing the first of multi-annual pilots which will investigate the challenges and opportunities that deep retrofit present. The learning from these pilots will inform our approach and support towards the large scale deep retrofit of buildings in Ireland. The initial focus will be on the residential market.

The government has allocated €5million in 2017 to support this pilot. Funding will be provided to projects which demonstrate an integrated, comprehensive strategy for significantly improving home energy performance. Projects are required to achieve an A3 BER and a minimum uplift of 150 kWh/m2/year.

Projects will generally comprise:

  • Whole house solution which includes a fabric first approach
  • Deployment of renewable solutions supporting transition from fossil fuels

SEAI will provide up to 50% funding of the total capital costs and project management (including design) costs.

SEAI will provide a much higher rate of funding, up to 95%, for voluntary housing association homes and the homes of those that are in energy poverty (defined as meeting the Warmer Homes eligibility criteria). This is only available as part of a wider project that includes non-energy poverty homes. The energy poverty component must make up no more than 25% of the total number of homes in each project.

To maximise the learnings from the pilot, SEAI aims to fund a range of projects which support:

  • A range of building archetypes
  • Development toward large scale deployment
  • Regulatory development
  • Multiple customer benefits


Who Should Apply

Pilots projects will be delivered via

  • Community Groups
  • Local Authorities and
  • Energy Agencies

If you are a homeowner interested in the Deep Retrofit of your home, you should contact your local authority, local energy agency or community group and see if you can get involved through them. We are currently not accepting applications from individual homeownners. It will be at SEAI's discretion to fund projects which will advance these learnings towards the longer term objectives of the pilot.


How to Apply

SEAI is inviting applications for funding for deep retrofit projects in the residential market for dwellings constructed prior to 2006. If you have a project which you believe supports the objectives of the pilot and may qualify for funding, then please download the guidance document on how to complete you application form.

Download Application Guidelines

Download Application Form

Please complete the application workbook, detailing both the high level and detailed breakdown of works and providing sufficient information to demonstrate how the project proposes to meet SEAI's longer term Deep Retrofit objectives.

Please submit your application to


As part of SEAI's engagement with stakeholders SEAI held its inaugural National Deep Retrofit Conference on June 21st in the Aviva Stadium, Dublin. You can watch the live stream back here.

You can view the full programme here.



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