EXEED Certified Pilot Grant Scheme

The EXEED Certified Pilot Grant Scheme will provide grant support for professional services towards the application of EXEED Certified and towards additional capital being expended on opportunities identified and implemented through the process.

The grant scheme is relevant to:

  1. New design projects of any scale complexity and sector.
  2. Energy upgrades of existing assets. 

In addition to financial support SEAI will provide additional mentoring, information and advice.

Commitment to progress to EXEED Certified is a requirement for application and to be eligible for grant support.

The 2016 grant scheme has funding constraints within the 2016 work window. It will therefore provide funding support for the extent of work that can be completed within 2016, with the commitment to progress towards EXEED Certified in the future.

It is probable for new design projects of a large scale that support will be limited to professional services employed in the energy efficient design processes during 2016.

EXEED Certified Pilot Grant SchemeEXEED Certified Pilot Grant Scheme






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