This calculator will estimate possible electric vehicle annual savings based on a combined urban and extra-urban driving pattern. Enter manufacturer’s data and latest energy prices. Actual savings will depend on driving style and duty cycles. SEAI accepts no responsibility for any loss incurred by use of this Calculator. Please see User Notes for more details on the assumptions.
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Combined Cycle
Fuel Efficiency
Wh/km n/a n/a
L/100km n/a
Annual Mileage
in km
PHEV % Annual Mileage on Electric Only % n/a n/a n/a
Tailpipe Vehicle
CO2 Emissions
g CO2/km n/a
PHEV Electric Range km n/a n/a n/a
Average CO2 attributed to Electrical Supply g CO2/kWh n/a n/a
Energy Prices
per unit
Cents/Litre (inc of VAT, Taxes and Duties) n/a
Euro/Unit (exVAT) - as per Electricity Bill n/a n/a
Euro/Unit (incVAT @ 13.5%) 0.0846 0.0846 n/a n/a

Fuel Efficiency Conversions          
Direct Fuel Efficiency Wh/km 150 150.8 622.2 500
L/100km 1.5 5.4 7 5
miles per gallon 188.3 52.3 40.4 56.5
PHEV Combined Consumption Wh/km n/a 333.7 n/a n/a
Fuel Costs          
Annual Fuel Requirement Litres n/a 518 1,120 800
Annual Electricity Requirement kWh 2,400 965 n/a n/a
Annual Energy Cost Euro €203 €821 €1,597 €1,082
BEV Fuel
Cost Savings
Euro n/a €618 €1,394 €879
BEV Fuel
Cost Savings
% n/a 75% 87% 81%
CO2 Emissions          
Annual CO2
(Direct or Indirect)
kg CO2 1,397 1,598 2,080 1,920
BEV CO2 Savings kg CO2 n/a 202 683 523
BEV CO2 Savings % n/a 13% 33% 27%
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