How to Compare CO2 Emissions


As a Battery Electric Vehicle produces no tail pipe emissions its Vehicle Label will indicate that it has 0 gCO2/km or it may be listed as N/A not applicable. This would give an indication of the “Direct” CO2 emission for the vehicle itself.  Click here for a discussion of the “Indirect Fuel Cycle Emission and a method of calculating the Indirect CO2 emissions from the electricity supplied for the vehicle.

In the case of a PHEV, the emissions quoted will refer to the tail pipe emissions associated with combustion of fossil fuels.  In this case, CO2 emissions in the range of 60 g/km may be achievable for a PHEV. When this vehicle is operating in all electric mode with the combustion engine switched off, the direct tail pipe emissions will be 0. In the case of the electricity supplied to the vehicle, as for the BEV the Indirect CO2 emissions may be calculated according from the CO2 intensity of the electricity supplied to the network.  Click here for how this element of emissions may be calculated.



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