General Instructions for Dealers


A Dealer must be nominated by their national Vehicle Importer to participate in this Scheme. Following registration of a Vehicle Importer, the Importer presents a list of their eligible Dealers. SEAI then contacts that Dealer with an invitation to register with the Scheme including all documentation and instructions on how to apply.

During the application process, the Dealer is required to complete 1) the Dealer Application Form and 2) the Dealer Framework Agreement and to supply valid copies of 3) a current Tax Clearance Certificate and 4) current Insurance Certificates providing cover for a) Internal Risk (Employers, Products and Public liability cover) and b) Road Risks (motor insurance).

The Dealer will be required to submit on an on-going basis, up to date Tax Clearance and Insurance Certificates.  If the valid dates for these certificates lapse without replacement, then the Dealer will be prevented from submitting applications or grant payment claims.

Once registered, the Dealer is then free to submit applications in accordance with the Application Guidelines. The Dealer may only supply those vehicles for which he/she is registered to supply. 

A Dealer who supplies more than one brand of electric vehicle must be registered separately with SEAI by that Vehicle Importer.



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