How to Apply


A Vehicle Importer may apply to SEAI for approval to participate in the EV Grant Scheme and thereby have the right to nominate Dealers and Vehicle Types for inclusion in the Scheme.

Before making an application please review carefully the Terms for participation in the Scheme as included in the Vehicle Importer Terms and Agreement Form. 

Vehicle Importer Terms and Agreements Form.pdf

Prepare the following lists:

  • Nominated authorised Electric Vehicle Dealers for SEAI to contact
  • Electric Vehicle Price List

Compile all necessary data and submit together with the signed form to:

and/or post to:

EV Grant Scheme Coordinator
Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland
Wilton Park House
Wilton Place
Dublin 2


Registering Vehicles Types

An approved EV Vehicle Importer will be issued with a unique identifier which can then be used by the Importer to register EV types with SEAI for inclusion in the Scheme. A full list of the qualifying criteria for the vehicle is provided in the Annex I of the Vehicle Importer Terms and Agreement Form. Please do not submit this form until you have received your Importer Registration number from SEAI. Forms may be returned if submitted with incomplete data.

Vehicle Type Registration Form.pdf

Registering Dealers

An approved EV Vehicle Importer will supply a current list of authorised EV Dealers for consideration to SEAI.  Each Dealer will apply for registration independently to SEAI. All grant applications will be made by approved EV Dealers within the terms of the EV Grant Scheme (see < link to Overview >.  The Importer will notify SEAI of any proposed changes to this list during the course of the scheme.

Price Lists

The grant amount applicable to each vehicle will be based on recommended List Price produced by the Importer. The Importer will notify SEAI of any changes to these List Prices during the course of the scheme.

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