Effectiveness of Domestic Energy- Efficiency Programmes

This study was initiated by the Combat Poverty Agency in collaboration with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. The scope of the study was to examine the impact of installing a range of energy efficiency measures on the thermal comfort and health status of households.

The study also sought to gain some insight into the economic impacts of installing energy efficiency measures. The outcomes from the research are intended to offer direction to policy makers on the impact of energy efficiency measures and to identify areas for future research in this area.

The reports are broken up into four main areas - to view or download any of the reports just click on the titles highlighted below.

  1. Fuel Poverty Action Research Report 1: Executive Summary
  2. Fuel Poverty Action Research Report 2: Research Context and Methods
  3. Fuel Poverty Action Research Report 3: Health Impacts
  4. Fuel Poverty Action Research Report 4: Comfort and Indoor Temperature Impacts
  5. Fuel Poverty Action Research Report 5: Household Expenditure on Fuel and Electricity
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