Aautomaticmpgmiles per gallon
A4automatic 4-speedmphmiles per hour
4Atx2ditto, high and low range gearingMmanual
A5automatic 5-speedM5manual 5-speed
5Atx2ditto, high and low range gearing5MTx2ditto, high and low range gearing
A7automatic 7-speedM6manual 6-speed
A/SAT5automatic / semi automatic transmission 5 speedM6/S6manual 6 speed / sequential 6 speed
ASMautomatic shift manualMULTI5multimode 5 speed
AWDall wheel drivePASpower assisted steering
bhpbrake horsepowerQA54-wheel drive, Auto 5-speed
CVTcontinuously variable transmissionQA64-wheel drive, Auto 6-speed
Ddiesel engined vehicleQD6quattro direct shift 6 speed
D6direct shift 6-speedQM54-wheel drive, Manual 5-speed
Didirect injection diesel engineQM64-wheel drive, Manual 6-speed
DIDdirect injection dieselS/A6semi automatic transmission 6-speed
DOHCdual overhead camshaftSAT5semi automatic transmission 5-speed
DPF(S)diesel particulate filter (system)SAT6semi automatic transmission 6-speed
E-Dieseleconomy dieselSMG7sequential manual gearshift 7 speed
FAPparticulate filterSOHCsingle overhead camshaft
FDRfinal drive ratioSS5sequential shift 5-speed
GDigasoline direct dieselSWBshort wheelbase
Hybridcombined internal combustion engine and electric motor and batteryTCIturbo charged diesel with intercooler
ifuel injectionTDturbo diesel
idepetrol direct injectionTDditurbo diesel direct injection
km/hkilometres per hourTDiturbo charged direct injection diesel
kWkilowattTDIturbo diesel with intercooler
LWBlong wheelbase4SS4-speed sequential shift gearbox
l/100kmlitres per 100 kilometres4WD4-wheel drive
  4 x 44-wheel drive
Approximate Conversion Factors
1 litre =0.22 gallons (imperial)1 gallon
(imperial) =
4.55 litres
1 km =0.62 miles1 mile =1.609 km
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