Bioenergy Technologies

Biomass can be converted to different forms of energy including heat, power, combined heat and power (CHP) or liquid biofuels.


There are a number of processes that can be used to recover energy from biomass fuels (liquid biofuels not included)

  • Combustion: Biomass (e.g. wood chips or wood pellets) can be burned to provide process and/or space heating. This process can take place in small domestic stoves or boilers. The combustion of biomass can also be used to raise steam to drive engines/turbines which are coupled to generators producing electricity. This process is then called Biomass-Combined Heat and Power (Biomass-CHP)
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD): Biomass (e.g. animal manure) can be transformed to biogas by anaerobic digestion and the biogas, which consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, can be used to fuel a gas engine or gas turbine, or burned in a boiler to provide heat or to raise steam.

Other technologies for the exploitation of bioenergy include gasification and pyrolysis but these are not as commercially developed as combustion, Biomass-CHP and Anaerobic Digestion.


Anaerobic Digestion

Biomass CHP

The process of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) involves the breakdown of organic material by bacteria in an oxygen-free environment. This can occur in bogs, landfills, on the bottom of lakes or in stomachs of animals such as cattle. The end product is biogas.CHP technologies based on biomass combustion represent a great potential to reduce CO2 emissions since they are based on utilisation of renewable energy sources (e.g. wood fuels or sawdust).
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Wood Energy Technologies & Technology Standards


Wood burning technologies are available with a range of output capacities suitable for almost all applications.

More information about Wood Energy Technologies and Technology Standards





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