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Wood Chip and Wood Pellet Boiler Case Studies

Wood chip and wood pellets are a form of bioenergy and are used to fuel boilers. The wood chips or wood pellets are burned in the boiler to provide heat for space, hot water or process heating. Bioenergy covers the biodegradable portion of products and residues from agriculture, forestry and related industries, as well as the biodegradable portion of industrial and municipal waste. It also includes crops specifically grown for energy use. Modern wood chip or pellet boilers are highly efficient, clean burning and totally automatic. Pellets can be purchased in bagged or bulk form. For bulk purchases, a dry covered storage area is required. Bulk prices are more competitive than those for bags. Wood chips are generally sourced locally.

Here you will find presentations about wood pellet and wood chips installations in Ireland

Case Studies

A List of Companies/Organisations supported for capital investment projects under ReHeat Programme (or previous Bioheat or Pilot Bioheat Programmes) can be found at


Biogas plants in Europe are very diverse. Many different systems have emerged depending on the regional framework conditions. In some regions, many agricultural biogas plants use liquid manure and energy crops from the own production to produce biogas. Other regions concentrate on the use of biogenous residues and commercially/industrially operated biogas plants. Others again prefer the production of fuels from biogas or the construction of CHP plants to generate electricity and heat. The size of the plants range from very small plants (15 kWel) up to large plants (several MW).
Also regionally different are the economic framework conditions. The promotion of electricity from biogas plants takes place either through feed-in-tariffs for the produced or supplied amount of electricity or through green certificates (GC).

Anaerobic Digestion - Shanagolden Case Study (2010).pdf (size 4.1 MB) - Published July 2011

Download our Case Study - Anaerobic Digestion at Ballyshannon Farms (.pdf, 16kb) or our Case Study - Anaeribic Digestion at Ballytobin.doc (size 32.8 KB)

On the Biogas Region website there are 40 case studies of biogas plants around 7 European countries,

You can find out more about Feed-In Tariffs in these countries, regional strategies and more information on their website at


Biomass & Biomass CHP Case Studies

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