Task 32 Biomass Combustion and Co-firing

The objective of the Task is to collect, analyse, share, and disseminate strategic technical and non- technical information on biomass combustion and co-firing applications, leading to increased acceptance and performance in terms of environment, costs, and reliability.


Task-website: www.ieabcc.nl
IEA-websites: www.ieabioenergy.com/Task.aspx?id=32

The work scope will have more focus on market dissemination and implementation. This is secured through enhanced interaction with individual industries, industry groups and other IEA IA's and Bioenergy tasks. The program of activities builds upon the work done in the previous triennium and addresses the key technical, economic, environmental, and social issues that impede market introduction of biomass combustion and co-firing technologies. It covers a wide range of combustion technologies, fuels, and socio-economic conditions that prevail in the different member countries of this Task, varying from domestic woodstoves to industrial combustion for heat generation, dedicated combustion based power plants and co-firing applications.

The set of activities are geared towards effectively collecting, sharing, and analysing the policy aspects of results of (intern)national R&D programmes that relate to these priorities. The results of these actions will be disseminated in various ways (workshops, reports, publications, databases etc.) In addition, a number of specifically designed, strategic actions will be carried out by Task members to catalyse this process.


Deliverables and Target Groups for 2010-2012

  • Two workshops with subsequent published proceedings and a technical review for mitigation options for aerosols from residential solid fuel appliances, aimed at equipment suppliers and policy makers
  • A workshop with published guidelines on the options and limitations for increased use of challenging fuels in domestic and industrial scale combustion devices, for end users and equipment suppliers.
  • A technical assessment and characterisation of torrefaction for both co-firing applications as well as small scale pellet boilers, for both policy makers, equipment suppliers and end users.
  • A workshop and technical assessment on health and safety aspects of large scale fuel handling and storages, for end users
  • A joint workshop with VGB PowerTech on increased co-firing percentages and fuel flexibility, for power utilities
  • A workshop on biomass combustion based CHP for small scale application, for equipment suppliers and policy makers
  • A technical paper/guideline for increased ash utilisation of biomass (co)combustion processes, for policy makers.
  • Databases and internet based tools, aimed at all market participants.



Contact national team leader

John Finnan
Teagasc, Agriculture and Food Development Authority
Crops Research Centre
Oak Park, Carlow
Tel.: 059 917 0253
Email: john.finnan@teagasc.ie
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