Task 37 Energy from Biogas

The main objectives of the work programme are the deployment of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology for renewable energy production and environmental protection, and the provision of expert scientific and technical support to policy makers in member countries.


Task-website: http://www.iea-biogas.net/
IEA-website: www.ieabioenergy.com/Task.aspx?id=37

Key topics of the new triennium are the sustainability and quality issues related to the production, capture, and up-grading of biogas for direct energy production or use as a biofuel. This will involve comparison of mass, energy and emissions balances for different AD process pathways using agricultural residues, including energy crops, as well as green wastes as feedstocks. As such, the work programme will provide an expert input to policy debates in the areas of renewable energy, waste management, and climate change.

There will be a multiple approach to dissemination of the information collected and verified by the expert members. This will include direct technical input to developing energy, waste and climate change discussions in the member countries, and also direct dissemination of information to both industry and associated licensing authorities, through dedicated technical leaflets, seminars and workshops, and to the public through the Task's web site.

The work will therefore focus collection, verification, exchange and dissemination of information, promotion of new and improved technologies and products, stimulation of the interaction between research and development, the industry, decision makers and waste handling companies, and last but not least assistance of local and national governments to adopt appropriate industry standards and waste management practices. The strategic goals of the ExCo are integrated in the work and joint activities with other Tasks are planned.




Contact national team leader - Task 37

Jerry Murphy
Environmental Research Institute-University of Cork
Lee Road, Cork
Tel.: 00353 (0)21 490 2286
email: jerry.murphy@ucc.ie


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