Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (Refit)

REFIT is designed to provide price certainty to renewable electricity generators.


In May 2010 Minister Eamon Ryan T.D announced the Government’s new support price structure for bioenergy i.e. use of natural materials for the production of electricity. The guaranteed support price under the government’s Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff (REFIT) will range from 15 cent per kilowatt hour to 8.5 cent per kilowatt hour depending on the technology deployed. The technologies supported include Anaerobic Digestion Combined Heat and Power, Biomass Combined Heat and Power and Biomass Combustion, including provision for 30% co-firing of biomass in the three peat powered stations.

REFIT is designed to provide price certainty to renewable electricity generators. It has been in operation for wind and hydro power since 2006. It operates on a sliding scale, acting to ensure a guaranteed price for each unit of electricity exported to the grid by paying the difference between the wholesale price for electricity and the REFIT price. In effect, this means that as electricity prices increase, the amount paid under REFIT falls, mitigating the effect on the consumer.

These new Government tariffs will foster the development of a robust and sustainable biomass supply sector in Ireland.


The tariffs are as follows:


AD-CHP                 ≤ 500 kW €150/MWh

AD-CHP                 > 500 kW €130/MWh

AD (non CHP)      ≤ 500 kW €110/MWh

AD (non CHP)      > 500 kW €100/MWh

Biomass-CHP     ≤ 1500 kW €140/MWh

Biomass-CHP     > 1500 kW €120/MWh

Biomass Combustion (including co-firing in existing plant*[subject to a change in the Refit terms and conditions to permit this]):

For using energy crops €95/MWh

For all other biomass €85/MWh

(Limited to 30% of the maximum rated capacity co-firing in any plant until 2017, 40% between 2017 and 2019, and 50% thereafter.)

These tariffs will be indexed to Consumer Price Index (CPI) and offered on a 15 year basis.

CHP utilising biomethane, displaced from the source of biomethane, will qualify for REFIT on that portion of the fuel mix deriving from bioenergy.

Limits per technology:

Anaerobic Digestion: 50MW

Biomass CHP: 100MW

Biomass Combustion (including co-firing in existing plant*subject to a change in REFIT terms and conditions to permit this): Until 31st December 2015 160MW

To be accepted into the scheme, applicants must demonstrate that planning permission has been obtained and there is evidence of a grid connection. Once in receipt of a letter of offer, a series of conditions must be fulfilled as set out in the REFIT Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the planned terms and conditions are not yet final as they are subject to the state aids clearance which has yet to be obtained from the European Commission. An announcement on the Department’s website will be made in due course following this progress regarding dates for submission of application under REFIT II.


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