Bioenergy Supply in Ireland
2015 - 2035


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Ireland has set a vision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector by up to 80% by 2050. In order to understand how we can achieve this, we need to know how much renewable energy resources are available and at what cost. This report focuses on the potential future availability of Irish biomass to 2035 and examines how markets prices and the barriers to development affect potential availability.


Key Findings

  • The majority of resource potential is available at a roadside/farm gate price above current market prices for most resources.
  • Increased bioenergy demand, leading to sustained increases in the market price for bioenergy, is required to deliver an expansion in domestic bioenergy supply.
  • Further supply side interventions aimed at removing the barriers identified can lower production costs and help the financial viability of resources at lower prices

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Biorenegy supply surves 2015 - 20135 infographicBioenergy Supply Cureves infographic
Bioenergy supply in Ireland report cover 

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Project Team

This report was brought to you by SEAI and Ricardo Energy and Environment. A large number of bioenergy experts in Ireland were contacted during the course of the study and their valuable inputs are gratefully acknowledged


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