IEA-ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Programme) was initiated in 1976 with the aim of carrying out a joint program of energy technology systems analysis. The programme consists of a network of teams internationally who collaborate on the development of energy systems modelling tools (notably MARKAL and subsequently TIMES), capacity building in the use of these tools and the collaborative use of these tools to inform energy and climate mitigation policy. There are currently about 200 teams internationally in nearly 70 countries using these tools to improve the evidence underpinning policy decisions. The early focus was on informing energy R&D strategies and subsequently the focus shifted to also including energy security topics and climate mitigation. The key policy question most IEA-ETSAP teams are currently focussed on is 'what are the implications for the energy system and the economy of differentemissions reduction and renewable energy ambition levels'?

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Benefits and Policy Output

Through this Technology Collaboration Programme Ireland has ready and free of cost access to excellent energy systems modelling tools (TIMES and MARKAL) and access to the collective expertise of the approx. 200 teams internationally in 70 countries using these tools to inform policy decisions.

Participation in the ETSAP Technology Collaboration Programme has enabled Ireland to build energy and climate policy scenarios to 2050 (through the Irish TIMES model), providing new insights into policy questions not previously possible, namely what future energy system configurations will enable us to deliver renewable energy, energy security and emissions reduction targets at least cost. This modelling has been used to inform Ireland’s negotiations with the EU regarding energy and climate mitigation targets, as well as informing national policy decisions and energy research priorities.  

ParticipantsThere are currently over 20 contracting parties participating in IEA-ETSAP. A full list can be found here

A list of public reports whose content was informed by the ETSAP work programme is presented below. A full list of publications specific to the Irish TIMES energy system model can be found via the following link under the heading ‘Outputs’:

  • Ó Gallachóir B.P., Chiodi A., Gargiulo M., Deane J.P., Lavigne D. and Rout U.K. 2013 Irish TIMES Energy Systems Model (CCRP 2008 3.1).
  • Cahill C., Deane J.P, Curtis J., Chiodi A, Fitz Gerald J., Gargiulo M. and Ó Gallachóir B.P. 2014 EU 2030 climate and energy policy framework Preliminary assessment and implications for climate policy in Ireland.Report submitted to Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.
  • Deane J.P, Curtis J., Chiodi A, Gargiulo M., Rogan F., Dineen D., Glynn J., Fitz Gerald J. and Ó Gallachóir 2013 Low Carbon Energy Roadmap for Ireland. Report submitted to Department of Environment, Community and Local Government. Report published by EPA.

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