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Nineteen carbon capture and storage or sequestration research projects totaling €3 million were undertaken by Irish universities during the 2004-2010 period.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology in development and demonstration will capture approximately 90% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced when fossil fuels are burnt, preventing it from entering the atmosphere. CCS has potential to help reduce emissions from electricity generation and in heavy industries where there may be few or no other options for reducing CO2 emissions.

Due to the very large scale of research, development and demonstration required to prove the viability of this set of technologies, the international and European initiatives in the area, and the limited potential for application in Ireland (one coal fired power plant at Moneypoint), Ireland will most likely seek to utilise this CCS after it has been commercialised in other locations.

Capture technology projects in Ireland vary from research into power plant emissions at DCU, CO2 capture membranes at UCD, techno-economic assessment and power plant modelling at University of Ulster, and the integration of capture technology into power plants at UL and DIT.

Storage projects include imaging of potential storage reservoirs at UCD and UL and understanding the fate of geologically stored CO2 at DCU.

Examples include the DCU National Centre for Sensor Research (NCSR) project on 'Development and testing of autonomous environmental sensor systems for specific emissions to air from IPCC sites (SmartPlant) and landfills (SmartLandfill)'. This project was funded by the EPA and was completed in 2009.

SEAI has also co-ordinated a number of studies to date on the potential for application of CCS and the geological storage of CO2 in Ireland in conjunction with the Geological Survey of Ireland, DCENR and the EPA.

Key Irish Research Institutions
Key Irish Research InstitutionsCCS Research Funding 2004-2010
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CCS is one of the Strategic Energy Technologies identified by the EU commission. A European Industry Initiative (EII) for CCS is ongoing.Geological Survey of Ireland

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