Community Particicipation and Ownership

RDD 103. Business Models for Community Wind Farms - UCCRDD 95. Local Community Ownership and Investment in RE Infrastructure’ - Tipperary Energy Agency

This is a highly collaborative, policy-orientated study that will examine the use of alternative business models to support community ownership/ co-ownership of wind farm developments in Ireland. The outputs of this project will assist in the acceleration of wind farm construction in Ireland by ensuring the benefits of these developments are passed to a broader base of stakeholders.The project team will investigate and review wind farm business models that have effectively supported community ownership in other EU jurisdictions. The project team has an expert panel in place to assess the viability of similar models in Ireland. Using best practice stakeholder engagement methodologies, the proposed models and case studies will be presented to selected groups of stakeholders.

Through this collaborative, combined process, once the optimum business model has been identified, policy recommendations will be presented in the areas of: Financial, Legislative and Technical requirements in order to facilitate implementation.

  • Organisation website:
  • Category: Policy Orientated Study (100%)
  • Total Project Cost: €75,625
  • SEAI grant (2016): €37,812.5
  • Final Project Report - To be published

This research will investigate the potential for local investment in renewable energy projects for both rural and urban communities and will seek to enhance the capacity for community ownership and investment in renewable energy through mechanisms underpinned by legislative provisions. By reviewing best practice and existing national legislation, the project team aims to make recommendations on a Community Investment Scheme Framework and next steps (e.g. preparation of codes of practice, national guidelines, changes to legislation, consultation etc.).

  • Organisation website:
  • Category: Policy Orientated Study (100%)
  • Total Project Cost: €41,693
  • SEAI grant (2016): €41,693
  • Final Project Report HERE
RDD 91. Social / community acceptance of high voltage transmission lines and community gain messaging - NUIG 

There is a lack of knowledge on how to deliver community gain messaging effectively and efficiently within project proposals on energy infrastructure projects. By undertaking quantitative surveys of householders located in close proximity to the proposed route of a high voltage overhead electricity line, this research will determine how and to what degree host communities are influenced by community gain messaging, with the ultimate aim of developing innovative community gain solutions to assist in the successful deployment of future energy infrastructure projects.

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