RDD 75. Solar Assisted Ground Source (SAGS) - Terrag GeoServ LtdRDD 76. Ground Source Heat Pump Collector Design, Installation and Commissioning Course - SLR Consulting

This is an innovative project aiming to develop a hybrid ground source and solar thermal system for the Irish market. The development of the Solar Assisted Ground Source SAGS technology will introduce a cost competitive alternative to the Irish ground source heat pump market, with greater long term performance and improved operating costs. The project will illustrate how the climatic and energy demand conditions in Ireland are ideally suited to the development of innovative geothermal collector technologies.

  • Organisation website:
  • Category: Industrial Experimental
  • Total Project Cost: €49,994
  • SEAI grant (2016): €39,995
  • Final Project Report HERE

The project proposes to develop course modules and training for professionals involved in the design and installation of shallow geothermal and ground source heat pump technologies in Ireland. This new course will target all professionals responsible for design, specification, construction, installation and testing of ground source collectors. Improvement of heat pump installations is an important part of increasing the success and penetration of this technology in Ireland and a training course such as this is essential to ensure that ground source heat pump installations consistently perform as well as expected. The project covers an area currently missing from the renewables curriculum in Ireland.

  • Organisation website:
  • Category: Experimental Development - (25%) + SME (20%)
  • Total Project Cost: €42,700
  • SEAI grant (2016): €42,700
  • Final Project Roadmap Confidential
  • Roadmap HERE
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