Hydrogen Production

RDD 67. Materials for a Robust Renewable Hydrogen Technology- DCURDD 100. Photo/electrocatalytic approaches to hydrogen generation - DCU

A source of renewable hydrogen could revolutionise energy storage. Sunlight can be used to split water and harvest the hydrogen from the water molecule with a simple cheap catalyst material. Recent work carried out by DCU has shown that lithium vanadate (LiVO3) has very promising material properties for use as a water splitting catalyst and works at a commercial viable efficiency and displays moderate stability. This innovative project intends to carry out research to optimise the material properties of LiVO3 and identify a protective layer which inhibits the degradation of the catalyst material during water splitting.

  • Organisation website: www.dcu.ie/physics
  • Category: Fundamental
  • Total Project Cost: €43,653.50
  • SEAI grant (2016): €43,653.50
  • Final Project Report - Confidential

The objective of this project is to develop a new technology for the sustainable and environmentally friendly generation of hydrogen from water based on cheap and sustainable polymeric materials. The hypothesis for this is that photo/electrocatalytic polymers for H2 generation will address; cost (low cost polymers), sustainability, (no reliance on precious metals), energy storage (generation of hydrogen during periods of high wind could fuel our cars and provide the storage needed by the electricity supply industry) and climate change (this approach is carbon neutral when combined with alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and wave technologies, will reduce CO2 emissions).

  • Organisation website: www.dcu.ie/chemistry
  • Category: Fundamental
  • Total Project Cost: €34,696.00
  • SEAI grant (2016): €34,696.00
  • Final Project Report - Confidential
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