Ireland - a National Test Bed

Smart grids and smart cities are integrated systems embodying instrumentation, interconnectivity and intelligence to effectively and efficiently manage services. Whether this involves the distribution of electricity, or the efficient flow of traffic, these systems use accurate, real-time information enabled by state of the art Engineering and Information and Communication Technology.

There is significant activity among SMEs in developing solutions in both the smart grid and smart cities space and Ireland continues to be an ideal test bed for many global companies due tothe combination of an autonomous power network, industrial quality water supply, a representative population and a collaborative political, cultural, information and industrial dynamic makes Ireland an attractive site in which to operate.

The particular characteristics of an all island power network with extremely high levels of variable renewable supply and targets to maintain the highest levels of power supply quality makes it a representative environment with the imperative to find effective solutions.

Ireland offers the potential for a distributed national test bed for development and demonstration of smart industry capability and products.

Distributed National


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