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Forty three electrical grid research projects totaling €15.8 million were undertaken by Irish universities during the 2004-2010 period. Energy efficiency in buildings and ICT categories also overlap with this category.

While electrical power transmission has changed little in the last century, this is set to undergo profound changes with the impact of large amounts of variable renewable energy such as wind, and the creation of smart energy networks. Smart grids will enable widespread penetration of new technologies in metering, transmission, distribution, and electricity storage, as well as providing new information and flexibility to both consumers and providers. Ireland's ambitious renewable electricity targets and relative isolation from other electricity grids mean the research challenges require solutions here earlier than in other countries. This creates the opportunity to foster world leading research in this area.

Smart Grid research and development, as well as field trial activity is already under way in Ireland, with strong support from the electricity sector and the participation of SMEs. In the university sector, UCD is the largest hub of R&D activity in the area, with work also being carried out at the Tyndall Institute and DCU.

At UCD, the Electricity Research Centre is leading world class research into the integration of wind and other variable renewable energy sources in the electricity system.

Key Irish Research Institutions
Key Irish Research InstitutionsElectrical Grid Research Funding 2004 - 2010
EU SET PlanSETIS - SET Plan Implementation Information System

Electrical Grid is one of the Strategic Energy Technologies identified by the EU commission. Smart Grid and Smart Cities initiatives also exist.


SETIS - Electrical Grids


EEGI - European Electrical Grid InitiativeEERA - European Energy Research Alliance

EEGI Implementation Plan


EERA Joint Programme


Open FP7 Calls for Electrical Grid 

2012 FP7 Calls


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