Information Leaflets and Buyer's Guides

The Renewable Energy Information Office (REIO) has produced a series of factsheets, leaflets and buyers' guides which will help you understand the basic principles involved in renewable energy. They give a practical explanation of different renewable resources and their technologes, with examples of each.

Our leaflets will give you a short explanation on the different renewable energy technologies, as well as their main benefits. Our factsheets will give you a detailed overview of the technical, financial and environmental aspects of renewable energy.

REIO also supplies buyers' guides, which will help you ask the right questions when speaking to suppliers. Go to for further information relating to domestic grants, including lists of suppliers and installers.

Sustainable Buildings Information Pack

If you are building a new home, renovating your existing home or simply considering the future of heating your home from renewables, our Sustainable Buildings Information Pack, which includes all of the above, is a must read.

Renewable Energy in Your Home Leaflets

Best Practice Guide for PV.pdf (size 2.8 MB)
Non-Domestic Passive House Guidelines.pdf (size 7 MB)
Passive Homes - Guidelines For The Design And Construction Of Passive House Dwellings In Ireland; (PDF, 2.04MB)
Retrofitted Passive homes - Guidelines for Upgrading existing dwellings in Ireland to the PassivHAUS Standard; (PDF, 2.5MB)
Passive Solar Design (.pdf, 848kb)   
Solar Water Heaters (.pdf, 156kb)
Renewable Heat Pumps (.pdf, 222kb)
Wood Pellet Stoves (.pdf, 848kb) 

Consumer Guides

Domestic Heat Pumps Consumer Guide
Low energy, low carbon and passive houses Consumer Guide
Domestic solar systems for hot water Consumer Guide
Domestic wood burning boilers Consumer Guide
Domestic wood burning stoves Consumer Guide

More consumer brochures are available in the consumer section of our website.

Renewable Energy Overview

Renewable Energy Factsheet (.pdf, 727kb)
Renewable Energy Overview presentation (.pdf, 3501kb)


Miscanthis Factsheet.pdf (size 431.2 KB)
Anaerobic Digestion - Shanagolden Case Study (2010).pdf (size 4.1 MB)
Anaerobic Digestion - Factsheet.pdf (size 456 KB)
Biomass Factsheet (.pdf, 2082kb)
Landfill Gas in Ireland (.pdf, 951kb) 

Wind Energy

Munster Joinery case study.pdf (size 346.6 KB)

Renewable Heat

Renewable Heat Pump (.pdf, 705kb)
Renewable Heat in Commercial Buildings (.pdf, 736kb)
Renewable Heat in the Healthcare Sector (.pdf, 732kb)
Technical Heat Pump Factsheet (.pdf, 911kb)

Calculators & Tools

REIO's experts have developed simple heat cost calculators to help you compare the heating cost of various heating systems to those using renewable energy sources (ground source heat pumps, wood boilers etc.)

You can view or download the following calculators and tools:

Solar Thermal Calculator online tool
Domestic fuel costs and emissions calculator.xls (size 243.7 KB)
Commercial_Heating_Cost_Comparison_(Oct_07).xls (size 206.3 KB)
Emissions from Fossil Fuels Calculator(.xls, 248kb)
Unit Converter (.xls, 170kb)
Fuel Converter (.xls, 139kb)
RE Benefits Calculator (.xls, 140kb)
Emissions Data (.pdf, 19kb)

RETscreen TM International

RETScreen provides software for renewable energy project analysis, including wind. The software can be downloaded free of charge from RETscreen TM International, a Canadian Government Natural Resources website.

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