Biomass Publications

BioEnergy Supply Curves for Ireland 2010 - 2030.pdf (size 6.5 MB)

Best Practice Guide: Wood Burning Technologies for Irish Consumers.pdf (size 665 KB)
Date: March 2012

Upgrading Biogas to Biomethane.pdf (size 492.3 KB)
Date: March 2012

Co-Firing with Biomass: A case study - The Edenderry Power Station.pdf (size 418.1 KB)
Date: March 2012

Biomass District Heating: A case study - The Mitchels Boherbee Regeneration Project.pdf (size 355.9 KB)
Date: March 2012

Anaerobic Digestion - Factsheet.pdf (size 456 KB)
Date: 03/12/2010

Anaerobic Digestion - Shanagolden Case Study (2010).pdf (size 4.1 MB)
Date: 04/07/2011

Miscanthus Factsheet.pdf (size 431.2 KB)
Date: 03/12/2010

A Review of the Potential of Marine Algae as a Source of Biofuel in Ireland; PDF 2.60MB
Date: 24/04/2009

Policy Incentive Options Liquid Biofuels ; PDF 9128KB
Date: 13/6/2006

Bioenergy Training Needs ; PDF 1384KB
Date: 13/6/2006 

A Resource Study on Recovered Vegetable Oil & Animal Fats; PDF 842KB 
Date: 17/5/2004 
An Assessment of the Renewable Energy Resource Potential of Dry Agricultural Residues in Ireland; 8313KB   
Date: 17/5/2004 
Austrian Experiences with the Introduction of Pellets as a Fuel; PDF 267KB 
Summary: Presentation  
Co-Firing with Biomass; 3.12MB
Date: 1/10/2004 
Finbio's Bionerergy Days Conference - Helsinki Fair Centre; ZIP File 2983KB 
Fire Away with Domestic Wood-Fuelled Heating Systems! PDF 1194KB   
Liquid Biofuels Strategy Study for Ireland; 1207KB    
Date: 8/12/2004 
Quality Assurance for Rape-seed Oil as Vehicle Fuel; 594KB
Date: 18/1/2005 
The Use of Wood Fuelled Combined Heat and Power; PDF 743KB   
What is Biomass? 2494KB


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