Benefits of the Smart Grid

The overall benefit of a Smart Grid to consumers is that it will help minimise the price consumers pay for electricity and will help to reduce carbon emissions associated with the electricity they use. This will be achieved by:

  • Allowing consumers have access to greater levels of information on their electricity use, and facilitate their efforts in managing electricity more efficiently. This can be implemented with informative in-home display devices, on-line billing information and more detailed paper bills.
  • Allowing consumers adjust their usage to take advantage of the most cost effective renewable generation sources, and encourage consumers to transfer some of their electricity usage away from times of the day when demand for electricity is at its peak (and most expensive to produce and with the highest levels of carbon emissions).
  • Helping the companies that own the generators and the grid infrastructure to use their equipment more efficiently and thereby minimise the costs involved. These costs are ultimately passed onto the consumers.
  • Supporting much greater levels of renewable generation, such as wind and ocean energy. The Smart Grid is better designed to manage these indigenous renewable but intermittent sources of electricity as well as providing more control over low carbon conventional generators.
  • Facilitating the greater use of electric vehicles, which will reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels, reduce personal energy consumption and exhaust emissions.

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