Advantages of a Smart Meter

In the area of improved customer service, Smart Metering will deliver the following advantages:

  • There will be no more estimated readings. You will be billed for what you actually used in the billing period.
  • The Smart Meter will report back electricity issues (such as periods of low voltage) to deliver better quality of supply.
  • It facilitates pre-payment schemes.
  • It streamlines the process of moving in and out of a property.

Smart Metering allows customers to better manage their own electricity costs:

  • Electricity suppliers can offer new pricing options to allow them pass onto consumers a price which better reflects the actual cost of generating the electricity in a given period. For example peak or off-peak, day or night.
  • It provides consumers with precise details of their consumption patterns, allowing them better manage their use of electricity.

Smart Metering enables new capabilities for consumers:

Click here to find out about the meaning of time varying electricity price.

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