Solar Databases

This section gives details of where to find solar product listings for both homeowner and business installations.


HARP Database (Home Heating Appliance Register of Performance)


The Home-heating Appliance Register of Performance database (HARP database) is a product efficiency database for home-heating appliances that are used in Ireland. 

The database is used for the following purposes:

  • To provide registered BER Assessors with specific product efficiency information which they can use when calculating BERs for dwellings.
  • To track compliance with the Boiler Efficiency Directive.
  • As a resource in the boiler efficiency promotion campaign which will be developed to comply with Article 8 of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).
  • To help homeowners identify efficient heating systems for their homes.

The listings of solar thermal collectors on the HARP database provides information such as efficiencies and heat loss values. It is important to note that efficiency figures given on HARP are not to be used on their own. These figures should only be used as part of a BER assessment or as part of a calculation using the BER software.


Triple E Register


The Triple E Products Register is a register of best in class energy efficient products, including solar thermal collectors and solar photovoltaic equipment.

Products on this register all meet a minimum set of stringent efficiency criteria and typically will be of a best in class efficiency standard. As such, procuring against this register will provide you with the assurance that you are purchasing a product of very high efficiency.


Greener Homes Scheme Phase lll product register


As outlined in the “Solar Grants / Support” section, the greener homes scheme is closed.

However, the greener homes scheme register of solar thermal collectors is still useful as a point of reference for solar thermal collectors which are eligible for contractors to install under the Better Energy Homes Scheme.

The greener homes scheme does not provide any product details other than the brand, model name and identifier, plus an informative, but not exhaustive, list of suppliers for associated products.

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