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The high level objective of the Intelligent Energy Europe funded GP WIND project is to address barriers to the deployment of onshore and offshore wind generation, specifically by recording and sharing good practice in reconciling objectives on renewable energy with wider environmental objectives and actively involving communities in planning and implementation.

By bringing together developers, regional and local government, environmental agencies and NGOs from differing countries to share experiences, it will be possible to develop a guide to good practice and ultimately a 'how to' toolkit, which will be used to facilitate deployment of renewable energy in support of the 2020 targets.

Sixteen environment and community focused areas of research have been distilled down in to the 16 themes/chapters listed below. For an outline of the project and each chapter please refer to the presentation slides. These Thematic Case Studies have been released in draft form and will be finalised early in 2012.

For more information on GP Wind please visit the project website:

GP Wind Thematic Case Studies Draft – Themes 1-8

GP Wind Thematic Case Studies Draft – Themes 9-16

GP Wind Workshop – Slides

TCS 1 – Species

TCS 2 – Habitats

TCS 3 – Biodiversity

TCS 4 – Tackling Cumulative Impacts

TCS 5 – Monitoring and Mitigation Techniques

TCS 6 – Carbon Accounting

TCS 7 – Construction and Operation in the Marine Environment

TCS 8 – Offshore Wind and other Commercial Activities

TCS 9 – Communications, Awareness and Information Cascades

TCS 10 - Landscape and Managing Visual Impact

TCS 11 – Dealing with Noise

TCS 12 – Conflicts with other Economic Interests

TCS 13 – Community Acceptance, Achieving Buy-in

TCS 14 – Community Benefit Schemes

TCS 15 – Complex or Entrenched Public Perception Issues

TCS 16 – Socio-Economic Impact Assessment





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