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Sustainable Energy Communities Workshop

Date and location

19th April 2011 in the Dundalk Crowne Plaza Hotel

Thank you for registering interest in the Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) Programme.

This workshop is offered to communities who registered their interest in becoming a SEC by the 21st March 2011.


The workshop will provide an opportunity for those involved in the design, development and implementation of the Round I SEC application process to understand the SEC Programme vision, purpose and delivery. In particular it will assist communities in completion of the Stage 1 application form. Best practice from Dundalk and the Danish island of Samsø will be presented. The workshop will allow participants  to interact with key Dundalk 2020 stakeholders and understand “integration is the innovation.”

The workshop will also provide an overview of the SEC Network. The SEC Network will be established in 2011 to continue to inform and build capacity with interested local authorities seeking to develop more sustainable energy practices in their communities. 

Who should attend

This workshop is open to local authorities who have registered an interest in SEAI’s SEC Programme, by the 21st March 2011. At minimum the local authority principal contact must attend. The role and purpose of the principal contact is outlined in the Stage 1 application guidance notes. Each community must establish a Steering Group, comprising of public and private sector representatives, and all members of the Steering Group are encouraged to attend the workshop. If not all Steering Group members can attend, it is strongly recommended that attendees are representative of the cross sectoral nature of the Steering Group.

SEAI can cater for up to 10 attendees per community.

Please confirm attendance by completing the workshop booking form below by 8th April.

To ensure that the workshop is of most value to applicants, the workshop booking form also presents an opportunity for you to highlight key areas you would like to see discussed on the day.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are also available on the website and queries can be directed to

The Stage I Application Deadline for Submissions is 4pm Friday 6th May 2011

Please download the SEC workshop agenda.pdf (size 827.1 KB)

Please download the Workshop booking form.doc (size 55.3 KB)

Presentations from the day

SEAI.pdf (size 1.7 MB)

Conn Murray.pdf (size 534.6 KB)

Henrik Lund.pdf (size 2.4 MB)

Soren Hermansen.pdf (size 3.1 MB)

Eve Anne Cullinan.pdf (size 2 MB)

Michael Curran.pdf (size 94.8 KB)

Moderator notes - collaboration and structure.pdf (size 684.3 KB) |

Moderator notes - project development.pdf (size 728 KB)

Demand side management - Tom O'Callaghan.pdf (size 694.9 KB)

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